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Our Values

  • INTEGRITY - We seek to constantly maintain a professional manner while facing di cult circumstances and insist on transparent, honest and fair relationship with our clients and sta .
  • CLIENTS – Our services aim to protect our clients’ relationships and remain pro table by being responsive and diligent.
  • TRUST - Trust between our company and clients establishes itself through mutual goals, respect, and accomplishment of our obligations. Through the trust we build, our clients can be at ease knowing that we are dedicated to achieving all of their requirements.
  • QUALITY – Quality is achieved through passion, leadership, responsibility and accountability. These are qualities we value in our sta and the day-to-day operations of our company.
  • TEAMWORK – We respect our employees and value their contributions, we implement a positive workforce which delivers remarkable results to our clients.

Our Staff

At EQ, we hire highly experienced and results driven sta and also provide extensive training in pursuing collections on past due accounts and performing other accounts receivable related tasks.

A professional team member is assigned to each of our clients and receive speci c training about your industry in order to have a thorough understanding of your operation. We aim to understand your business processes and objectives to become an extension of your company throughout the recovery period.

Whether you need help with your active receivables or assistance with late stage delinquencies, EQ’S team will take care of the entire collections cycle for you, including letter services, phone calls and visits. Gathering payments from past accounts can be a burden, so allow us to protect the relationship between you and the client and work towards getting your money back.

About us

Noire Group assists many of today’s leading businesses to maximize their return on receivables at every stage of the recovery cycle. Whether you need help with current receivables or delinquent accounts, EQ’s highly trained team will work one-on-one with your company to quickly recover your outstanding from the market.
  • Enhancing Collections and Bad Debit Recoveries.
  • Save your Money and Protect the relationship between you and your client.


Our vision is to continue to expand and become the leading Debt Recovery and Collection Agency in the Gulf Region.


The never ending pursuit of reaching the maximum level of recovery performance for our clients is the focus of our e orts. Promising resources alongside our talented sta of multinational and multi-lingual specialists with experience in all features of commercial and consumer debt collection is a critical component to our mission.
For a free consultation, please contact us at:
4th Floor - Al Refaa Tower
Museum Park Street
P. O. Box: 19534 Doha, Qatar
+974 4498 6861
+974 3144 4384